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If you are interested in writing for us then keep reading. In addition, Eurotech Security is a member of the British Security Industry Association . The British Security Industry Association is a symbol of quality and professionalism. was created by The SSL Store to help all web users understand the important role SSL/TLS plays in securing the world. We aim to simplify the browsing and buying process to allow you to quickly make informed decisions. We do not italicize Latin phrases, because we italicize publication names and wish to avoid confusion.

Publicity get yourself among the security geeks and blogging lovers. Android is the most used open source, Linux-based Operating System with 2.5 billion active users. Because of its wide range of application support, users… If you are tired of the old smartphone, but it can still open Facebook, Instagram, 22Bet, or other platforms, don’t try to buy a… Photographs, other creative, all images and text must be sent as separate files.


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APSM is the leading government and corporate security publication. We publish in the Asia Pacific Region with a focus on regional, national and state security, risk and intelligence issues. Contributors that are not directly involved in the security industry should contact us first to discuss the nature of the material that they wish to post. This article discusses OT security and why it is essential for protecting industrial systems from cyberattacks. We will also discuss common control objectives that can… That should be at the end of post (Author Bio, that provides a back link to your blog .

We focus on writing well-documented and helpful content for our readers. Therefore, only top-quality guest posts will be accepted. If your content is not up to par, we don’t have time to do any major edits or give you extensive feedback, you will just get rejected. Write for us in a variety of genres; we provide possibilities for guest posting on our website. Our blog is looking for guest writers to contribute articles on a variety of topics.

Blogging has become as normal as breathing for people on the internet. What once used to be an online journal of personal updates is now a powerful platform for communication and information. This series addresses operational issues for the perspective of frontline security officers, guards, crowd controllers and importantly, security business providers and owners. Issues covered includes licensing, regulation and safety. This series covers information and computer security technology, cyber and network security and information warfare trends for all perspectives. You warrant to us that you are the author and owner of the material you submit to us.

Once it’s all done, we will email the source of the possible publishing date, including our appreciation letter. Though the links and article will be long-stay ones, but if needed, they may be taken down without prior notice. If you are including statistics, link them to the original source. You can’t publish your article anywhere else once it is published on DHN. If we find it published on any other site, we will remove it.

If you’re looking for a reliable website where you can contribute your original ideas about safety and security, then now is definitely the time to reach us. Tips and Tricks — We know you have a special way of doing almost anything that involves defense and protection, why not share them with our readers and get paid in the process. In-depth Articles — These are mostly straightforward content that caters to people in the business and/or corporate sector who put safety at the forefront of their business.

The post may be edited for better quality, clarity, grammar mistakes and it may take around working days depending upon the schedule to get live on our website. AboutSSL is committed to SSL/TLS Certificate and its related information. Again, we are open to other information, if it’s related to online security. We work with authors to develop the best possible title/headline. A good one is clear and concise, quickly sums up the gist of your post, and grabs the reader’s attention.

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