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It is our first and foremost rule to convey health-related content in a legible manner for good medical practice. Poor prescribing and documentation can have harmful consequences so make sure that you have the skills to write the proper and authentic content. Thus, if you have the ability to write effectively which is an important medium in conveying complex scientific concepts then you can publish your guest post for healthcare here. Bloggers can submit a Health and Fitness blog guest post to Mom News Daily only if the blog is related to motherhood and/or parenting. There aren’t any hard and fast rules regarding where you blog from. There’s no need for you to have a website to submit a guest post.

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Writing content by using lengthy paragraphs will reduce the engagement rate and lift the reader’s interest. If you would like to include images in your article, please submit them along with your article. Images must be high-resolution and should be related to the content of your article.


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Although we are absolutely against puffery, bluff, and repetitive information, we prefer articles that are at least 1500 words long. This is usually to ensure that our readers get full information about the topic being discussed. Moreover, high-quality articles that are longer than 1500 words go great with recent search engine algorithms. So, make sure that your post matches the criterion before submitting it. Our audience enjoys content based around health, fitness, nutrition and general wellness.

Please read the following if you are interested in contributing to the blog. Any images should be inserted into the article prior to submission. We will not accept copied or fake content and we apply software tools to check for plagiarism. The articles must be properly structured, i.e., they must include headlines, short paras, and bullet points wherever required. All articles must be properly checked for spelling and grammar.

We also take plagiarism seriously to ensure content is original and the writer must make a sense in conclusion to health and wellness. We admire the writers that come up with new and trending health issues and also provide authentic remedies according to their expertise. Your submitted guest post should be fully informative with multiple proven facts and stats. In case you mention any health & fitness case study, research, or experiment details, you should add reference links as well. It will be helpful in providing proof of information with authority.

All facts/stats must be backed up with a link to current research or a case study confirming it. Entries may not have been written by someone other than yourself. You can also use the contact form provided below to reach us. We ensure to provide our customers with 5 Star Personal Customer Service and ease of use through Aura Simplified Website Structure . Yes at AmyandRose we believe in giving due credit to the writer. Moreover, we must give women knowledge about good diet supplementation and prevention.

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