How To Write A Love Letter: 60+ Ideas & Examples

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Address the person as “beloved,” “dearest,” “beautiful,” “most cherished,” or, if appropriate, a pet name. Don’t just focus on physical characteristics. This can make the letter feel shallow and incomplete. You don’t want to completely avoid physical attraction in your letter either, though, because then it can feel a little too platonic. Love letters are meant to be tastefully sensual and respectful—not necessarily erotic.

To learn more, or to submit, be sure to read their submission guidelines. When writing a love letter, you can’t go wrong by getting really granular about why you’re super into the person. “The more specific you can be, the more romantic it will feel,” says Rachel Lynn Solomon, author of The Ex Talk. Instead of telling someone how much they always make you laugh, take it one step further by calling out a specific joke or instance that still makes you snort-giggle. In today’s plugged-to-our-phones digital age, the act of actually handwriting a love note stands out from the clutter. And though it may sound difficult to do, Keely Chace, a master writer at Hallmark, made the process much easier by sharing tips and tricks for getting started.

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# Edit the article and ensure that the sentences and paragraphs have continuity. Avoid hopping from one idea to another and back again because it would only end up confusing the reader. Think of how the most beautiful songs and powerful movies often start kind of mellow and then build in intensity.

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