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Stories about programming usually earn way more than stories about travel. The list of most popular tags creates a deeper understanding of what people follow the most. To understand this place, you’ll have to get into the numbers and popular topics.

With a traditional website, you often have to work hard to send people to your website. On Medium, when you publish with certain keywords or categories, people who are already on the site will naturally find your writing. As you publish, Medium helps send your articles out to people who are interested in the topics you write about. It also has a clean interface so you can publish easily without all of the complications of publishing on your own site. Include at least two high-resolution images, charts, or graphs as long as it’s relevant to the article.

Build relationships with your readers through a threaded comments section. With simple tools and features, you have the chance to connect with over 100 million curious readers. Collaborate with others or publish under a brand name. Use our story submission system and expressive customization options. Download our app so you can read, write, and publish wherever you are. Marker, one of the newer Medium pubs, focuses on the business niche.

Medium is a social publishing platform that is open to all and home to a diverse array of stories, ideas, and perspectives. Good ideas need spaces to take shape before they can take off. So we built Medium to make it easier for more people to read, write and explore ideas together. That’s why we’re an open platform 20,000 people use to share their expertise and experiences every day. It’s also why we’re a publisher, creating the stories 150-million Medium readers are asking for.


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The goal is a balanced mix of theoretical and practical. Your writing will be checked against the plagiarism checker, and if it’s less than 70%, you’ll be asked to rewrite your piece and aim to at least 90% of authenticity. Avoid writing a series of articles like Part 1, Part 2, instead — write an in-depth piece. We don’t accept copies from other resources, an article must be written exclusively for our blog.

From sex, to friendship, to race, they’re looking for smart, thought-provoking personal essays and articles. Topics include culture, race, and life in general. Elemental offers readers information and opinions on health and wellness, as long as it’s backed by science. From coronavirus to meditation, all things for the mind and body can be found here.

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