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As you may have noticed, this site explores every aspect of human behavior. Most of our intended readers are psychologists and mental health professionals as well as everyday intelligent and curious people interested in the study of the mind. If you are an experienced journalist or a subject-matter expert who is interested in contributing to Greater Good, below are some guidelines to read before you consider contacting us. If you do contact us, please submit a pitch and only a pitch—we do not accept articles on spec. A Lust for Life, for me, feels very much like a community and it’s a community that I really hope to remain a part of. Thanks for your interest in Psychology Today.

Psychreg can provide additional exposure to you and your work. We receive around 300,000 views on a good month, and we’ve won awards for what we do. We also perform well on search results.

We want you to get involved and help us create something special on our Instagram page @a_lust_for_life. We’ll need a good quality head-shot photograph of you with your finished piece. The APS Communications Team will review and respond to your query as expeditiously as possible, ideally within one week, if we decide to move forward with your idea.

The piece you’ll produce should contain at least 1500 words. There’s no limit for a more extended bit. You have a BA in psychology, counseling, or other psychology-related degree plus one or more years of experience in psychology research . Preferably light-weight submissions and minimum usage of technical terms. Must be something from the realm of psychology (avoid core theory / book knowledge). Explain and defend a quirk about your personality type.

Increasing awareness and breaking down barriers to support with articles which inform and entertain; improving wellbeing and mental health for all. We want to reach young people aged 15 – 24! If you are a clinician, scientist, mental health expert, or writer who would like to publish regular pieces on a particular theme or set of topics, please first consider making a blog proposal. Many of our magazine contributors begin as Psychology Today bloggers. Our goal for “The Burnout Lab” is to help our readers understand their brain’s function and health a little better, and equip them to incorporate mental wellbeing hacks into their daily lives.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Many of the articles we publish—and many of the studies we cover—have one or both of the following qualities. If relevant, include at least one psychology principle and how it applies to the strategy you are writing about . We accomplish this mission by teaching all the ins and outs of selling online courses, using proven persuasion marketing strategies. Think you can do that with a blog post? If you do not hear from us in the 4-6 weeks time period after submission, the possession of the article goes back to the writer.

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