Ruger Hawkeye Long-range Target Rifle Field Trial & Evaluation

However, the receiver is hard so machining and bedding them due to the angled action screw, is considered tough. Most of us will consider Remington and Winchester first in relation to naming US rifle manufacturers but in this aggressive area are the Ruger rifles. However, since the socket for the quick-release sling swivel is very far forward, it could presumably be annoying when utilizing a benchrest. For this reason, we eliminated the QD sling swivel mount through the 300 m check, since we were capturing utilizing the benchrest and bipod alternately. It would not have been essential to make use of the benchrest, as a outcome of good outcomes could be achieved with the bipod too.. Three-time ICAST Best of Category winner Bubba covers it all with new knives set.

The similar yr Otto made the 9.3x62mm to chamber in military Mausers, the 9.3×74 Rimmed cartridge was also developed for use in fantastic single shot and double rifles. A lot extra southern African locals used the 9.3×62, and more wealthy touring hunters used the 9.3x74R. Bock took a take a glance at the Model ninety eight, measured its three.30″ long magazine, and designed a cartridge with a long physique and a comparatively short neck, measuring 3.291″.

This makes it a flat-­shooting and low-­recoiling cartridge that has plenty of penetration for even a large bull elk. When loaded with an applicable bullet, the 6.5 PRC is a superb selection for every little thing from coyotes to elk, and it won’t beat you to dying doing it. The Long-­Range Hunter comes with a full-­rail scope base that provides the shooter extra scope-­mounting choices than different fashions. The rail permits for use of whatever rings the shooter has on hand, so it’s simpler to get the right height for no matter scope you care to mount. The rail section additionally permits for ring placement anywhere along its size.

In common, the 300 Win Mag is the only cartridge providing so far regarding the Hawkeye Long Range system is best utilized inside 1500 yards. This is precisely why the army has gone to this cartridge to get a bounce on insurgents advancing with trench motors and Russian Duska heavy machine weapons. The three-position safety permits for safe bolt manipulation in the center position and locks to a bolt slot when at the rear. Ruger places their LC6 trigger on the Hawkeye Long-­Range Hunter and it’s a wonderful alternative.

If I had been strolling in massive bear nation I don’t assume either can be on the short listing of rifles I’d want in hand. Lat time I had both the heaviest load in .308 was 190 grains and that bullet took up a lot of case space. Of course that might only really matter in country which may have bigger and aggressive critters. The Ruger M77 Hawkeye African in 9.3x62mm is the quintessential do-it-all worldwide big sport rifle. It’s relatively lightweight, reliable, accurate and just enough gun.

The comb adjustment, though functional, seemed a bit fragile. As for the bolt, it’s been my expertise that each one Ruger M77/Hawkeye rifle bolts come out of the box with a bolt that’s a bit rough/gritty. With time however, they all smooth-up as I’m sure this one will, too. At 11 geneva on the strip kilos the Ruger Hawkeye Long-Range Target rifle is heavy. But, make no mistake; this rifle will shoot the cents off a dime at a hundred yards and the stitches off a baseball at 500. Of course this rifle is intended for distance, and itty-bitty teams at one hundred yards—while impressive—are not what long-range shooters dream about.

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