Home and Garden Decorating Ideas

Home and Garden Decorating Ideas

If we’re interested in your idea, we’ll contact you for more details. Please include previously published samples of your writing along with your query letter. If you haven’t seen BackHome, we strongly suggest you read at least an issue or two to get a better feel for the magazine before you try to write for us. BackHome is a magazine that’s literally changing the lives of its readers. It’s changing the way we design and build our homes, prepare our food, raise and educate our children, earn our livelihood, and live our lives.

We aim to be an essential resource for any gardener. We provide gardeners with the most current and authoritative information available. We serve enthusiastic gardeners of all levels—from novices to lifelong participants—whether they garden on their patio or the back forty.

The contributors must understand the use of external links as they can be only used after 70 to 80 percent of the content. We’re looking for web contributors with a writing background who are passionate in living a life infused with eclectic and colorful style of flea market decor. People who have prior worked in a particular field or have experience can write a guest post. The availability of the article in the guest post will remain forever, ensuring regular traffic.

We focus on updating the global public with the latest surrounding. Our website publishes articles like product reviews, news, crypto, Home and garden, website reviews and much more. Our web portal is connected to the global audience. We release amazing content written by our professional writers on an everyday basis. It doesn’t really matter from where are you getting the links but guest posting will direct a lot of traffic to your website or online business. One of the most important things is high-quality content.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: radhe@virtualseoexpert.com

Please do not send negatives or original transparences with an unsolicited proposal. We prefer that a proposal precede the development of any manuscript. We regularly publish a mix of shorter department pieces that focus on design, techniques, and plant information. These pieces are most often staff-assigned, although Tips, one of our most popular departments, is reader-written. Coastal Living’s online content is produced in-house; but if your piece includes a strong web component, be sure to mention this in your query. The Home Improving is a Home Improvement blog where you can find the perfect posts to style your home in an easy and cost-effective manner.

Have a look at some of the points mentioned below. The provided links must be related to the relevant topics and provide vast details. We do not promote any companies or hold any partnerships with other companies.

You are not permitted to upload your content anywhere else on the internet once we have accepted it. The article must provide sufficient information to enable the reader to understand the subject. We do not allow content from other sources, including your own websites or blogs. You can select your topic or choose a topic from the numbers mentioned above. Whatever you choose, you must write analytically and write interesting topics on the same.

Payment should be released within 7 working days, otherwise, links will be removed from the content and content will be live without link/s. To contribute, you need to write a guide or a story related to the topics above. If you can’t find your topic, then it’s probably not for Dream Lands Design. All articles submitted must be original and belongs to you. The contributors sharing their content with us will get many views.

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