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In this kind of article, your job is to recommend to your readers some products or equipment in gardening. The best X for Y post gives your readers a chance to choose from the variety of product that you suggest. These products are often used in the different aspects of gardening. Use a friendly tone when writing this kind of article. Let your readers know that you know how to do it and you know what you’re talking about.

This is because the readers will depend on every word you write in your article. To increase the credibility of your article, there must be at least 3-5 links to credible websites. Please do not link any website that is not related to gardening or to the topic you are writing. Never put a link that redirects to bogus websites. The article you will write should be clean. Meaning, it must not have been published on any other website or blog besides ours.

Create the articles/blogs with small paragraphs around a word count of words. The intent is to develop readable and optimized content. Show off your expertise.By submitting great content that is published on our site, you have an opportunity to grow your following within the industry. All posts include a backlink to your site. Most contributors will find that featuring their article on BalconyGardenWeb.com increases traffic, reach, and followers to their website or blog. We always encourage garden writers to contribute an original article related to the topic of our website and showcase it in front of our wide audience.


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We have means to check whether the article you sent is copied from another site. So don’t waste your time and our time by writing edited articles. The subject matter of the articles must be related to or written only about gardening. If you have any background or expertise on the subject matter it’s a big plus.

That is why we are the product of this generation of obesity etc. We have to help our new generation to eat and stay healthier so they can have a better life, then being sick and overweight all the time. I really appreciate the work you’re doing, and it’s about time I said thank you! Your blog and the energy behind it have really inspired me. You will get your own login to the site and author rights to each and every article you write. Not only do I want one off articles – I am looking for permanent members to join this site and help me publish quality stories.

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